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Cucumber Juul


Cucumber Juul

  • Subtle cucumber flavor with a hint of mint.
  • Each JUULpod contains ~0.7mL with 5% nicotine by weight.

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Cucumber Juul Pods Wholesale

Cucumber Juul Pods may be a authentically one-of-a kind flavor due to the Delivering the type of pick-me-up that only cucumber can. On sun-drenched day, these nicotine free pods sink into the body as a sweet sense just kicking you to feature . Also, this pod features a beautiful superiority which makes the customer smile at mile from absolutely nothing. But the stainless scent which he/she inhales.

Nicotine Free Pods

Cucumber Juul when taken makes the consumer desire bag within the wind, you are feeling so free. Furthermore, the flavour rushes through your mouth, this savor may be a sweet refreshing smell. Juul pods have a better mark than most of those usual blunts as they appear more suitable in congested places. it’s a chargeable battery which makes it almost ever there and as you retain vaping you’ll easily charge again and keep blowing your mind. This juul device has an benefit over normal cigarettes because it is seen as a cleaner and more responsible sort of consuming cannabis.

Cucumber Juul wholesale

This store has sat down and brought the best of this product. Thus, bearing in mind the quantity of faux juul pods it’s for your own advantage to shop for from our shop to make sure you gain maximum fulfillment. we’ve all the answers you merit. Place an order and before you notice you’ll have an entire mood alteration. We also offer free transport to our customers so don’t be scared.


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