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Blackberry Kush Strain


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Blackberry Kush

Blackberry Kush is an Indica-dominant Strain with nugs roofed in thin red hairs and lots of trichomes. Laced all through the green buds are purple, yellow and black hues. The Indica legacy is clearly showed making consumers feel a powerful couch-lock body high. Even so, the blackberry strain still gives potent high featuring elated feelings of euphoria and mood betterment. Customers often give account of feeling a heavy onset of the munchies to boot. To one side from the bloodshot eyes and dry mouth, consumers of Blackberry og also have experienced dizziness, mild headaches and at times anxiety.

Blackberry Kush seeds for Sale

Blackberry Kush origin is not known at this point though estimated by most stores to be roughly 8% Indica. Also, there are those that say it is a cross between an Afghani, a clean Indica, and one of the Blackberry strains while others say the Afhgani was crossed not with a Blackberry but DJ Short Blueberry. Some say the Afghani was part of a Blackberry strain that is the ancestor which then crossed with a Bubba Kush. A few say that Bubba weed was instead crossed with a DJ Short Blueberry to produce Blackberry weed. The strain is suggested for indoor cultivation and excellent for starter cash-croppers due to its high yields and growth ease. Even beignner growers can expect up to 450 grams per 1000 watts or per square meter.

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