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Lemon Twist

Lemon Twist also called twisted Citrus strain is an incredibly fruity and packs a powerful punch. It has amazing high THC levels between 24%-27% in some conditions. This guarantees a heck of a ride for even an old smoker. The bright orange flavors give the sense of freshly squeezed juice, especially when paired with the surprisingly banana forward scent. Orange hairs and white trichomes carpet these piecey, lime green nugs.

Lemon chem strain has an exciting and extremely euphoric high. It begins with a blissful cerebral rush that will have you feeling upbeat and ready to take on any project. Eye pressure and pain will melt away leaving you with full body tingles and full relaxation after taking this lemon twist.Your energy will begin to increase and you’ll suddenly feel motivated and creative. Enjoy this uptick for hours as this is a long hall high.

Due to the powerfully uplifted feelings that come with this lemon chem strain high it is recommended for anyone suffering from depression, stress, lack of energy, or exhaustion. Twisted Citrus strain is also great for treating lack of appetite and digestive issues because of its stimulative properties. Though it is helpful with headaches, it is not recommended for severe pain or anything that would require a heavy sedative.

Our dispensary is one of the best to buy lemon chem strain which will not disappoint you. You can do this with a single click and you will a minute away from that experience you so desire. We condone online marketing so no matter where you are, you are always within reach of the awe of this product.

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10x (3.5grams Tin) – 450, 50x (3.5grams Tin) – 2100, 100x (3.5grams Tin) – 4050


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