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Banjo strain hails from Santa Cruz and it is a hybrid Sativa-dominant cross between Tangelo and Boost. This tangelo strain has a strong aroma of layered cheese with sour citrus. While its smoke elements of boxed piney flavor of diesel from the sharp diesel family.


Banjo doesn’t take much time before getting to work, unleashing head-focused effects sometimes before stunned users have even had a chance to exhale. Some initial sensations like pulsing in the temples and a stimulation of the salivary glands may signal that the strain is doing its job. As these strange tics dissipate, smokers may notice a change in their patterns of thinking. Due to slight decline into slumber, this curepen is better taken in the afternoon or at night. Also,  the strain’s cerebral onset can aid focus on those with attention deficit disorders. In addition, its elevated mood may temporarily relieve the difficulties associated with mild to moderate stress and depression.

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10x (3.5grams Tin) – 450, 50x (3.5grams Tin) – 2100, 100x (3.5grams Tin) – 4050


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